Since 1931 when Alexandros Bairamoglou established Bairamoglou S.A., the optician’s profession in Greece has been developing in an accelerating pace. By investing in pioneer ideas and technologies the enterprise has been leading the ophthalmic lenses market in Greece for almost a century.





All produced goods at Bairamoglou S.A. bare Essilor’s accreditation, a fact which constitutes the stronger quality guarantee for the consumer. Having a life-lasting collaboration with Essilor, the world’s leader in vision care, the company is at the leading edge of innovation, offering the Greek consumer with the most sophisticated and contemporary vision solutions. Through a wide product range with undeniable quality and performance the enterprise makes its vision “Better sight for a better life”, a reality.





Throughout its historical course, Bairamoglou S.A. has been supporting its invaluable collaborators, the opticians in Greece. The constant open dialogue with opticians concerning their market knowledge and experiences, consist a major competitive advantage that helps the firm evolve and adapt to the swift changes in the market.

Being true to the traditions and values that characterize it, the company continuously offers innovative products to the edge of technology, reliable servicesre-training opportunities and effective marketing assistance, as a factual proof of trust and support to collaborating opticians.






“To offer the highest quality of visioncare and eyewear products that secure ideal visual conditions for a better quality of life.”