Transitions photochromic lenses

Transitions® photochromic lenses continuously adapt to changing lighting conditions as they darken when you are outdoors and return to their initial condition when you go indoors. All Transition® lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and filter blue light.

They are available in a wide range of colors depending on the product and in mirror so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Discover the difference of Transition lenses

Thanks to their innovative technology, Transitions® lenses understand the way in which light interacts with our eyes. As a result, they can adjust in every light condition providing your eyes the necessary protection.


Photochromic technology that activates in the car. Adapts with UV and visible light; clear indoors and extra dark outdoors for additional protection against bright sunlight. Available in 3 iconic colours.


The latest generation of Transitions lens technology. There’s no need to slow down with lenses that provide the best visual performance indoors, outdoors, day and night. Available in 3 iconic colours.


Mirrored photochromic technology letting you create an eye-catching look. The tint and mirror intensity will adapt as you move indoors to outdoors. Available in 4 different mirrored colours to express your style.


Stylish photochromic technology for those who want to up their fashion game. Transitions Style Colour lenses adapt with light to compliment your frame and diminish glare. Available in 4 different colours to express your look.