Lenses with Crizal coating

The protection of your eyes against UV rays is necessary for your health. The reflections created from natural light or the lights in the road at night can hinder your ability to have a clear view of your surroundings. A scratch or a smutch, a bit more dust or just a few drops of water on your glasses can really make your vision difficult. 

Enhance your vision with the technology of the Crizal coatings and enjoy every moment with a clear vision and no hassle.


Discover the difference of Crizal coatings

Crizal protects your eyes from reflections and harmful UV rays. It also protects your lenses from scratches, smudges, dust and water and make the cleansing of your lenses easier. Choose a lens enhancement for your everyday needs: Crizal Sapphire UV or Crizal Prevenciaς,Crizal Alize UV or Crizal Sun UV.


Crizal Prevencia enhances your lens solution by selectively filtering harmful UV and Blue-Violet light while letting essential light pass through.


This versatile lens enhancement reduces reflections from all angles for better clarity of vision and enhanced lens aesthetics


Crizal lens enhancement specially designed for sunglasses to provide comfortable vision and maximum protection from UV.


Ensure your lenses stay clear and are easy to clean, because clear lenses make it easier for you to see.


Για εσάς που θέλετε οι φακοί σας να είναι παντός καιρού, η επίστρωση Crizal Easy Pro είναι η ιδανική επιλογή. Συνδυάζει, ευκολία καθαρισμού με μεγαλύτερη αντοχή στις γρατζουνιές και προστασία από την UV ακτινοβολία.