There are many different ways in which wearing glasses can benefit your lifestyle, whether you require a pair of lenses for work or for leisure. One such activity that requires focused, clear vision is DIY. Wearing glasses for DIY could improve your vision and make it easier to carry out those all-important jobs around the house.


Whether you just do a bit of DIY around the house when needed, or it’s a hobby of yours, experiencing uninterrupted, sharp vision could make all the difference.


Whether you experience any problems with your vision or not, wearing glasses for DIY could provide your eyesight with additional support to be able to focus on the job at hand. By visiting your local optician, you can learn more about your vision and whether you suffer from any eye conditions such as a refractive errors, which may impede your sight when trying to carry out those ever pressing fixes and improvements.


A lot of work involved in DIY means looking at objects at close distances, sometimes for long intervals. This can often cause something known as eye strain, where your eyes begin to feel tired, itchy or dry from looking at something for too long without a break. The right glasses for DIY can help you to keep your focus.


DIY is a very practical and skillful activity; one that you would struggle with if your eyesight wasn’t up to scratch! Wearing glasses for DIY can ensure your vision can keep up with your lifestyle; not hold it back!


If you suffer from presbyopia; an age-related refractive error, then you would benefit from wearing glasses for DIY that can help you multitask. Our Varilux X series lenses allow you to capture multiple targets with one gaze, so you can carry out your DIY tasks with ease. 98% of Varilux X series wearers expressed high satisfaction with their lenses when doing precise tasks(1).









These glasses for DIY will correct your presbyopia but will allow you to see at all distances whether it’s small details up close or looking into the distance to see whether your bush line is straight, you’ll know your vision is accurate and comfortable with Varilux X series lenses. Capturing vital information at arm’s reach is needed for all DIY tasks, grabbing that extra screw as you hold something together, reaching for a tool in your periphery, these lenses for DIY will allow you to focus on objects 40-70cm away with ease no matter where you’re gaze is locked, including those pipes you might be holding together!


If you have hypermetropia, or long-sightedness, you may struggle to see things up close. Single vision glasses for DIY will provide sharp, comfortable vision, so you can complete your DIY project without your vision holding you back. Eyezen single vision lenses will also prevent or reduce eye strain, meaning you can focus on the job at hand without suffering from unwanted interruptions.









Those jobs that you plan to take half an hour can turn into an hour or more, that can be a lot of focusing on the task at hand. Fixing your vision on objects for a long period of time can result in tired eyes, whether you’re working under the bonnet of your car or on wood work you have probably experienced eye fatigue. This can make the job at hand take that much longer than you have time for, with Eyezen lenses your vision is supported by reducing and preventing eye fatigue so you can keep focus on the job at hand(2).


Lots of DIY can often take place outdoors; if you spend hours outside working on your latest project, you might want to consider protecting your vision from the sun. Even on overcast days, UV rays can have a negative impact on your vision over time(3).


Transitions glasses for DIY are a perfect choice as they will automatically adapt to the light conditions around you. This provides sufficient protection for your eyes while you work. They will tint your lenses to the required amount when outdoors making vision comfortable by reducing glare, once you’re out of the sun the lenses will return to a clear state allowing you to see clearly when indoors.


If you do decide on glasses for DIY, you’ll want to get the most out of them. Consider lens coatings that can ensure your glasses are up to the task. Our range of Crizal coatings can enhance your glasses, providing features that make your lenses scratch-resistant and dust repellent, a must need for all DIY-ers! Crizal coatings offer an oleophobic layer to protect from oils, which includes fingerprint smudges so your lenses stay clearer for longer and are much easier to clean.


You can finally enjoy an afternoon of DIY without hindrance to your vision, whether you’re often bothered by blurry vision or smudged glasses.


(1) Single-centre study - Eurosyn - France (n=42). Wearers rated on a 10-point scale from ‘Not satisfied at all’ to ‘Very satisfied’. Satisfied wearers are from 7 to 10 (n=19 to 42/42 depending on activities). Wearers rated ‘satisfaction with focus’ for ‘Multitasking’ activity. *Pr. José Sahel received no remuneration for validating these protocols. 


(2) Eyezen 0.4 lenses help reduce eyestrain by compensating accommodative power drop during at least 20 minutes of near work. Chi & Lin (1998), a comparison of seven visual fatigue assessment techniques in three data acquisition task. Human Factors, 40 (4), 577-590. 


(3) Cataract:, McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31.