Being able to see clearly on the roads is imperative, both for your safety and the safety of others. It is a legal requirement to meet a certain standard of vision, this can also include the use of glasses to ensure you meet the standards.


Wearing glasses for driving can help create a much safer and more comfortable experience on the road. Your eyes need to focus on many different things when you’re behind the wheel, from information on the dashboard to traffic signs and pedestrians. What’s more, the unpredictability of the weather conditions can also hinder your vision further.


If you are looking for the right glasses for driving, there are a number of different lens solutions available depending on your needs.


Everyone’s vision is different so it is important to find the right lens solution to suit your visual needs, as well as having something that is optimised for driving. Choosing the right glasses for driving is crucial, particularly if you suffer from a refractive error that hinders your vision.


For those who experience presbyopia, it’s important to find glasses for driving that will optimise your fields of vision and enhance both your distance and intermediate visual abilities, as these are the two most used distances of vision when driving. Varilux Road Pilot lenses can achieve this by providing clear peripheral vision and allowing sharp vision all day.









You will be able to clearly see vital information on your dashboard up close as well as traffic signs in the distance with Varilux Road Pilot; varifocals that are optimised for all types of vehicles.


To really get the most out of your lenses on the road, you should consider a lens coating for your driving glasses. Lens coatings can offer additional benefits for your vision, particularly for use on the road.


Crizal Drive is specifically designed for the road, reducing reflections caused by external sources like headlights and streetlamps on your lenses. A Crizal lens enhancement can also provide your glasses with scratch-resistant properties, as well as being dust and smudge repellent.


Experience safer driving and feel more comfortable behind the wheel, knowing that your glasses for driving will offer clear, sharp vision throughout the day.


Driving in the daytime, especially on a sunny day, should be ideal driving conditions but in reality, it can create an unpleasant experience due to the glare the sunlight creates. Glare is a huge problem for your visual clarity and comfortable, it occurs when bright light bounces off the roads and other cars, making it near impossible to see.









Having the right glasses for driving that will protect your vision from bright light conditions like Xperio Polarised technology can create ideal lenses for driving because the technology is designed to eliminate blinding glare. Not only will this improve your visual comfort, but will also allow you to better anticipate changes and hazards on the road.


Xperio glasses for driving ensures your vision is relaxed and clear and also has an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) rating of 50+.(1) This provides optimal UV protection once you’re out of the car if you drive a convertible, motorcycle or just with the window down. Xperio Polarised technology is available in a wide range of colours including mirror finishes, perfect to suit your personal style.









Another convenient solution for glasses for driving is photochromic lenses. Transitions XTRActive technology will automatically adapt to suit the light conditions; darkening when the sun comes out in order to protect your vision.


Previous designs of photochromic lenses meant that they only activated when exposed to UV light; UV light is blocked by most car windshields. Transitions XTRActive lenses will activate with visible light, so they will work perfectly in the car; creating the ideal lens solution when driving during the day as well as being clear at night.


Always facing changing weather conditions? Not sure how intense the sunlight will be when out on the road? React Tint technology allows your driving sunglasses to go darker when exposed to brighter sunlight.


The auto-responsive light technology is perfect for those times on the road where you’re just not sure how bright the sunlight will be. The brighter the light, the darker they will get and the more visual comfort they will deliver. If the sun goes behind a cloud your sunglasses will return to a mid-tint so you’ll be able to see clearly.


(1) E-SPF 50+ when combined with Crizal Sun UV. E-SPF® is an index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by third party experts. The E-SPF® index relates to lens performance only and excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear).