Being able to experience sharp, clear vision through lenses that are entirely tailored to your needs and behaviour is something you can achieve with Essilor personalised lenses. Our range of personalisation options for lenses utilises additional measurements to ensure optimal visual clarity and comfort, from the moment you put on your glasses.


Attending an eye examination usually involves taking part in standard eye tests that measure your distance vision, near vision, colour deficiency and fields of vision. Your optician will also check your overall eye health. In some cases, your optician may also perform an OCT scan, to check your retina in detail. If your optician has invested in revolutionary equipment, they may be able to go the extra mile.


There are three steps to finding the right lens solutions for your needs:

  1. Correction, if you have a refractive error.
  2. Protection, which provides the proper UV and harmful light(1) protection necessary for your lifestyle.
  3. Enhancement, which you can achieve through a lens coating to shield your vision from reflections and help to prevent scratches and smudges.

However, there is now a fourth step, which can bring an element of personalisation to ensure your lenses take into account your individual vision behaviour, physiological behaviour and frame fit.


Some equipment can help deliver additional measurements to achieve more precise results for your prescription lenses. For instance, your optician may be able to use advanced technologies and instruments to measure your lens prescription to 0.01D, instead of the industry standard of 0.25D.


Your optician can ensure your lenses are made specifically for your eyes, as well as ensuring the lenses take into account the way your frame sits comfortably on your face for optimal vision. All of this is possible through Essilor personalised lenses, which includes several different options that may be available at your local optician’s practice.


AVA (Advanced Vision Accuracy) allows you to benefit from personalised lenses manufactured to the precision of 0.01D. Your prescription is currently measured to the nearest 0.25D; it could be +1.00D, -2.25D or +7.75D and so on.

Thanks to new technology within the revolutionary Vision-R 800 phoropter, your optician can now measure your prescription with an incredible level of precision. You can benefit from sharp, comfortable vision with lenses made to your 0.01D prescription.

AVA not only allows for a more precise prescription, but it can also demonstrate the change in your prescription in a real-life setting so that you can see the difference for yourself.


Everyone’s vision and vision needs are different, and your lenses should reflect this, which is why we have developed Eyecode. Using state-of-the-art technology, Eyecode is a method to capture unique measurements that detail the movement of your eye. This is known as your eye rotation centre, and it can differ by up to 30% per individual.


The eye rotation centre indicates at what point the eye rotates. Your optician can measure your unique Eyecode using a non-contact device, and it takes only a few minutes. Moreover, your eye care professional can perform a more advanced measurement that also includes your leading dominant eye which allows patients to experience faster visual reaction time (provided he has Visioffice® technology) (2).


These crucial measurements can then be incorporated into your corrective lenses, delivering personalised lenses that meet your unique needs. With Eyecode, you can benefit from 5 times more lens precision.(3) This can also help in making sure you adapt quickly and easily to wearing your new lenses.







Eyecode is measured after you have had your eyes tested and have chosen your frame. While wearing your new frames, your optician will stand you in front of a machine called Visioffice. The Visioffice will instruct you to look forward and then turn your head to the side, to take your eye rotation centre measurements and other frame fitting parameters. This non-contact machine will produce your unique Eyecode.


For those who require a reading prescription for their lenses, personalised lenses that consider Near Vision Behaviour can deliver more comfortable vision for your everyday activities. Near Vision Behaviour measurements can ensure your lenses are tailored at the bottom part, which is crucial for reading and other close-up activities such as using your mobile phone.


Using a tablet and intuitive app, your optician can guide you through a simple test to determine how you behave when looking at something in your reading zone. This can include whether you tilt your head and how you hold reading material. The results can provide your Near Vision Behaviour measurements and ensure the reading zone in your lenses matches the way you actually read.



Near vision



In turn, this means your personalised lenses will deliver a better reading field zone and can provide quicker and more comfortable adaptation to wearing varifocal lenses. No more holding your phone stretched out to see the text clearly!



Frame fitting parameters look at the way your chosen frame fits your face. With so many different styles out there, measuring frame fit parameters can ensure your lenses are tailored to your frame of choice, ensuring all vision zones are in the right place of your lenses for more comfortable vision.


The measurements can reduce lens power errors, which can result in an improved near vision zone and other vision zones. Frame fitting parameters can be measured during your Eyecode measurements with Visioffice, or your optician may opt to take them using a tablet and software called Eye Ruler. The parameters are measured with two images, which software in both machines will convert to your unique measurements.


Lenses are made up of the three elements we mentioned earlier: a corrective design, eye health protection within the lens and a lens enhancement coating. If you have presbyopia, you will need varifocal lenses. Our varifocal lenses are available with several protective lens innovations, including Transitions or Eye Protect System, as well as lens coatings such as Optifog and Crizal. This complete pair of lenses can be personalised with AVA, Eyecode, Near Vision Behaviour and frame fitting parameters.


If you have myopia, astigmatism or long-sightedness, you will need single vision lenses. Eyezen single vision lenses can also be combined with Transitions, Eye Protect System, Crizal and Optifog. You can then have your personalised lenses tailored further with AVA, Eyecode and frame fitting parameters.


Personalised glasses lenses are tailored to your vision needs and behaviour, resulting in comfortable, sharp vision. Adapting to new glasses can take some time, by personalising your lenses, you can reduce the adaptation time, meaning clear vision from the moment you put on your new glasses.


Personalisation measurements take only a couple more minutes in addition to your standard eye test.


Your optician has invested in equipment to ensure your lenses are unique and offer you the best vision.


An optician who has invested in specific digital equipment for their practice will be able to measure you for personalisation. These additional measurements to a standard eye test take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete and result in your unique measurements to tailor your lenses for your specific vision needs.


Opticians who have invested in state of the art eye exam equipment called Vision-R 800 can measure you for AVA lenses. You can find a local optician who offers spectacle lens prescriptions to a tenth of dioptre and lenses with AVA.

Find a local optician who can provide you with measurements for AVA, Eyecode, Near Vision Behaviour and Frame fitting parameters here.

(1) Harmful light = UV and Blue-Violet light


(2) Dominant eye personalisation only available with Varilux Xclusive 4D


(3) At least 5 times higher than other Essilor’s personalised lenses without eyecode. 2009 Essilor R&D calculations.